Web-Based Services

Our web-based system offers a variety of ways to process your payroll. Our service revolves around the needs of our clients. You can control your payroll completely, including the printing checks or simply using a phone or fax to call your payroll in. At PayIt Payroll, we offer a variety of features to take the irritation out of certain governmental requirements.

PayIt Payroll has a lot offer, including:

• Automatic filing of federal and state quarterly and yearly taxes
• Workers compensation reports and payments
• Certified payroll reports
• 401k computations
• Direct deposit
• Access to payroll reports
• Automatic Child Support payments and/or garnishments
• Choice of tax payments (debit or credit side impounding)
• Automated billing system.

PayIt Payroll is an affordable, family owned business with personality. Contact us, get to know us, and become a member of our client family.

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