Your Personalized Payroll Service Eliminate the stress that tax compliance brings.
Employer Benefits
  • Balanced Payroll
  • Save on Accounting Fees
  • No More Late Fees
  • No More Tax Penalties
  • Live Tax Help
  • Detailed Reports on Tax Status
  • Level out Cash Flow
  • Automatic Tax Filing
Why Choose PayIt Payroll?
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Experienced Staff
  • Timely Processing
  • Accurate Tax Reporting
  • Quick Turn-Around
  • Simple Integration
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We offer a variety of options for payroll reporting. We will calculate your payroll amounts including employer and employee taxes. Once payroll is processed, you’ll receive easy-to-read payroll reports and accurate direct deposits or printed checks. If you elect to give your employees paper checks, we will deliver everything right to your door by mail or you can pick them up.

Direct Deposit

There are many advantages to this method. Direct deposits are fast, safe and reliable. Since there are no paper checks, there are no hassles of employees losing them or having them stolen.

Job Costing

This is an order-specific method where direct costs such as labor and materials are kept separately from indirect overhead costs. We can discuss your firm’s individual needs to determine whether this option might be advantageous for your company.

Web-Based Payroll

We can help your firm help itself through tailored, self-administered options to keep your Payroll reporting accurate and timely.